Marco di Gennaro - Pianist, Improviser, Composer, Arranger








Studied classical music and graduated from an Italian conservatory of music.
Discovered jazz and studied with Franco D’Andrea, Rita Marcotulli, Enrico
Pieranunzi. Master classes with Paul Bley, Kenny Barron, Barry Harris, Dave
Liebman, Steve Lacy. Has performed live for many years, playing his own

Worked with:
Lee Konitz, Peter Bernstein, Doug Weiss, Bill Saxton, Dwayne Burno, Steve
Turré, John Farnsworth, Paolo Fresu, Enrico Rava, J.D. Allen, Quincy Davis,
Andy McLoud, Amii Stewart, Peppe Merolla, Paolino Dalla Porta, Stefano Di
Battista, Antonello Salis, Furio Di Castri, Gary Bartz, Roberto Gatto, Flavio
Boltro, Harvey Schwartz, Maurizio Giammarco, Pietro Tonolo, Fabrizio Sferra,
Fabrizio Bosso, Paolo Mappa, Fabio Zeppetella, Tony Scott, Luca Velotti,
Sandro Satta, Stefano D’Anna, Ares Tavolazzi and Joseph Lepore.

Worked with the following actors:
Giorgio Albertazzi, Alessandro Haber, Enrico Brignano, Gioele Dix, Giampiero
Ingrassia, Roberto Herlitzka, Pasquale Panella, Giuseppe Cederna, Adolfo
Margiotta, Daniele Formica, Matt Dillon, Serena Autieri, Dario Cassini,
Maurizio Costanzo, Monica Guerritore and Anna Mazzamauro.

Recordings: “Listen…Silent” Live CD (Dodicilune Publishing) featuring Lee
Konitz. 2002
“ Factotum – Collector’s Edition” DVD (featuring Alessandro Haber, 2006)
“ Closer” CD (YVP 3143 – YVP Music – 2007, featuring Peter Bernstein,
Joseph Lepore and Quincy Davis)

Main Events: European Jazz festival of Smirne (Turkey), Ankara Festival,
Umbria Jazz, Librincampo (Rome), Brescia Musicart, Sant’Anna Arresi,
Roccella Jonica, Premio Recanati, Salerno “Jazz Doors” Festival, Lecco Jazz,
Atina Jazz, Enzimi, Terni in Jazz, Lecco “JazzLe”, Teano Jazz, Dolce Vita
Jazz Festival (Rome –La Palma), Festival Delle Serre (Cerisano – CS),
Festival della Letteratura di Mantova, Lunedi’ Letterari del Teatro Argentina
(Rome), Taormina Arte, Catania Musica, Fandango Jazz Festival (Rome),
Festival Della Mente (Sarzana), Ciampino Jazz Festival, Festival
Internazionale della Poesia (Genova), Festival della Letteratura (Rome), La
Versiliana, Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival (Rome), Argo Jazz, Todi Arte

Bibliography: “Come se avessi le ali” (“As if I Had Wings”), autobiography by
Chet Baker for minimumfax (translation). In 2006, he edited the technomusical
parts of Blue Trane (minimumfax).
-“Great Musicians Series” – Enrico Pieranunzi, 7 soloist transcriptions (Carish

Guest appearances in television and radio programs:
Cordialmente –Raidue 86, with the rock band Xeno, RadioTre Suite 98 and 99
with his quartet, Roxy Bar, La Stanza della Musica-Radio Tre 2001; live from
Lingotto of Turin, Stream-Premio Recanati 2001 with Pasquale Panella (live),
Invenzioni a Due Voci-Radio Tre, Notturno Italiano, live “Cattedrale” show on
Rai Radiotre –Io Sono Raymond Carver, at the Teatro Argentina (Rome), with
Pasquale Panella, Antonello Salis and Furio Di Castri, Farenheit (Radiotre)
Raidue Palcoscenico, taping of Shakespeare in Jazz, “Il Caffe’” (Rai
International), Domenica In (with Giorgio Albertazzi, Serena Autieri, Amii

Theater and films: together with the Velotti/Battisti Jazz Ensemble, he
coauthored the music of the stage production of “Charles Bukowski –
Confessions of a Genius”, based on Charles Bukowski’s works, adaptation
and direction by Giorgio Gallione, starring Alessandro Haber. It toured the
major theaters in Italy for three years.
In 2003, he wrote original music and arrangements for the stage production of
“Mr. Peter’s Connections” by Arthur Miller, starring Giorgio Albertazzi and
Erica Blanc.

In 2006, he arranged music by Duke Ellington and wrote original music
for Shakespeare in Jazz. This show, produced by Raidue Palcoscenico,
was directed by Giorgio Albertazzi, who also starred with Serena Autieri
and Amii Stewart.

Together with Giorgio Albertazzi, he has performed in many shows and
recitals; among them: Shakespeariana, Canzone per la mia Assassina (based
on lyrics by Leonard Cohen), Alla Luna (lyrics by various authors), Femme
Fatale (writings by Giorgio Albertazzi and other authors), Le Citta’ Visibili
(loosely based on Italo Calvino).
He has also worked with actors such as Roberto Herlitzka (a play based on
works by Giacomo Leopardi), Giuseppe Cederna (Di Cosa Parliamo Quando
Parliamo d’Amore, text by Raymond Carver, Note Necessarie, an
autobiography by Enrico Rava), and Adolfo Margiotta.
He contributed to the sound track of the movie “Ultimo Stadio” by Ivano Di
Matteo (2002).
Together with Bruno Marinucci, a guitar player, he has written music for
documentaries produced by minimumfax media (Cult Network).
In 2006, his performance with Alessandro Haber and Matt Dillon at the Teatro
Argentina in Rome was published on the DVD of the movie “Factotum”,
starring Matt Dillon.

In 2008 he wrote and arranged original music for the very important
show “A Midsummer Night Dream, redreamt from Puck the Malicious”
written by Giorgio Albertazzi from William Shakespeare, with Giorgio
Albertazzi, Serena Autieri, Enrico Brignano, Giampiero Ingrassia.

In 2009 the reprise of “Shakespeare in Jazz” (3 weeks at the famous
Sistina Theater in Rome)
Also in 2009 he composes the music for the show “Dante Reads
(summer and winter tour in theaters in Italy), and a new show
entitled “Una Cosa Divertente Che Non Farò Mai Più” ("A funny thing i'll
never do again") with the actor Gioele Dix, from the writer David Foster

Teaching: He has a busy teaching schedule in several schools in Rome.
Organizes workshops in schools and theaters; among them: “Una Guida nel
Jazz” (open to the general public), a workshop of transcription and analysis of
soloists (for musicians) and “Arrangiamento Pianistico” (for classical music
teachers). Since 2002, he has been one of the teachers of the iportant
National Piano Teaching Course, organized by Maestro Walter Fischetti.
Abroad, he has performed live in Germany, France, Great Britain, Turkey,
Slovenia, Switzerland, Bahrain, Qatar and the United States.