Giuseppe de Gregorio

Jazz/Gospel Pianist

Rome, Italy


photo2 Art is like food that feeds every individual soul. Therefore, if we want our collective soul to be healthy and vibrant, we must ensure that this food is of the highest quality!"
"As human beings, we all have a responsibility to recognize the importance of nourishing our souls. Let us constantly strive for the best nourishment, for this alone will bring our nations together

Giuseppe De Gregorio ia performing pianist, composer and vocalist, born in Rome (Italy).

First prize winner of the Luca Flores Jazz Piano Competition (2009) and Monte Carlo International Competition for Jazz Soloists (2015).

He has been active on the European jazz scene for many years, performing live concerts in Jazz Clubs and Festivals mainly in Paris, Gothenburg, Rome, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Monte Carlo and all over Morocco.

Giuseppe traveled to Morocco in 2010, and ended up settling there for over 2 years. Here he discovered the power of Gospel music. After moving to Paris in 2013, he started collaborating as pianist with various Christian ministries, and founded the Paris Gospel Jam Collective.

Worked With:
Giuseppe has worked with various artists from Europe, America and Africa, exercising his skills and artistic qualities professionally in high profile musica Venues.
Studied With:
Ramberto Ciammarughi
Rita Marcotulli
Karel Boehlee
John Taylor
Aaron Goldberg
Dado Moroni
Phil Markowitz
Danilo Perez
Kenny Werner
Gerard D'Angelo
logo   The NYC Gospel Jazz Syndicate, formed in May 2016, is a unique band built around a model of multicultural integration and unity, and able to promote a message of living hope and mutual respect through the embracement of cultural diversity.

The mission is clearly stated in the song Brotherhood, one of Giuseppe's original Gospel-Jazz hits, which says: “Brotherhood, Sisterhood… Together we can make it, we can build a better world”.


The Rome Session. During the summer of 2015, Giuseppe sat in for a crucial recording session with distinguished colleagues and dear friends: bassist Francesco Puglisi, drummer Andy Bartolucci and vocalist Frances Ascione, capturing a first audio snapshot of his first five years of his Gospel-Jazz journey.

The Paris Gospel Jam, a collective, formed in 2013, of talented Gospel and Jazz musicians, mainly from Paris. The PGJ Collective has featured French and International artists as: Carine Orema, Corinne Sahraoui, Zacharie Abraham, Diego Baeza, David Brown, Denise King and many others.

The PGJ Collective performed monthly at the “38 Riv” Jazz Club in Paris for over two years in a row, to significant public acclaim. The band was finally selected to perform the closing concert of the renowned Sunside Jazz Club of Paris on May 30th 2015.
Recordings and Sessions

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